My secret weapon in the pool?

I've been lucky enough to have a lane to myself every time I've swum lately.

I thought my luck had run out on Friday, but I hadn't even swum 50 metres before the female swimmer whose land I'd joined moved over a lane or two to join someone else instead.

This is perplexing but I've wondered whether I've got a secret weapon.

Off road and out of the comfort zone

So I plotted out this 24k trail run around Mt Coot-tha Forest reserve a few weeks ago. I'm not going to lie. The very thought of it frightened the crap out of me.

Yesterday though, I packed up my Camelbak (otherwise known as my running handbag) and did it.

The first Boundary run

Since deciding I want to be an ultramarathon runner, KKB has set me the challenge to run up South Boundary Road to Mt Nebo.

I'm still a little way off running all the way to the top - that's a 42k round trip - but I recently pulled off an out and back long run that I'm pretty proud of for my first effort.

Postcard from country Australia

Training when you travel isn't always easy to do but on the same trip with Baw Baw we had a couple of days in the country.

Training was really different, with new routes and new things to see...

I hardly know you, and this is Crazy. But here's my number. Call me maybe?

A few blog posts ago I alluded to seeking some help with preparing for my next major goal for 2014, the 100k Glasshouse Mountains trail run.

When I was down in Melbourne conquering Mt Baw Baw I took the opportunity to pick the brains of Tristan "T-Bone" Miller, the man behind Run Like Crazy. This guy ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks, all around the world, including a couple of ultramarathons and some offroad events.

He's a cut (or two, actually probably three) above me in terms of speed but with the advent of his new Run Club, I figured he might be in the business of handing out some advice.

Lost in the rain: Mt Baw Baw Adventure

So. A couple of weeks ago I conquered Mt Baw Baw.

After failing my first attempt, it was kind of a big deal to get it ticked off the list. For no other reason than I like to finish what I start.

This is how that day unfolded, in words, images, and a fabulous soundtrack (even if I say so myself).